Novo-Solar-Systems-West-Vancouver-3kW-Installation-2015-1-Complete March 30th, 2015

Another new Vancouver solar panel installation! Our love for electric cars here at Novo Solar Solar Systems is pretty apparent. Some of our most shared blog posts and Facebook posts by our community have been on the topics such as, How Does an Electric Car Charger Work and Electric Vehicles Powered by Sun.

So we were pretty excited when we were asked to install a solar panel system in West Vancouver, BC to charge a Tesla Type S. With room for 12 panels on his south facing roof, we installed a 3kW system. This will provide enough solar power for the owner to drive 15,000 Km’s per year.

Eliminating vehicle emissions and reducing the need for fossil fuels to power vehicles is slowly but surely gaining more momentum as all the major brands have an Electric Vehicle model. With solar power becoming more affordable every year, gas prices increasing and BC Hydro Rates rising roughly 45% in the next ten years, an investment in an electric car and solar panel system to charge it makes for smart economics.

Want a solar panel system to charge your electric car?

If you are interested in learning more about what solar system might work for you and your home, or your electric vehicle, contact Mark and he can provide a free consultation.