Novo-Solar-Energy Star Rated Ceiling Fan February 11th, 2015

Continuing from last week’s 5 energy saving tips, here are 5 more that will help you keep money in your wallet.

Install an Energy Star-Rated Ceiling Fan

Energy star-rated ceiling fans help push warm air down from the ceiling if you run then in a clockwise direction and reduces HVAC load by at least 10%. During the summer, reverse the fan direction to create cool air.

Buy an Insulating ‘Blanket’

Adding a blanket to your hot-water heater can help cut lower your water heating. If your tank is warm to the touch, it’s losing heat.

Dodge the Draft

Get rid of cold drafts by installing permanent weather stripping around your windows and doors to help seal in the heat.

Install Insulating Window Treatments

Insulating window treatments like cellular and honeycomb shades help reduce heat loss and gain.

Replace the Aerator on Your Faucet

A faucet aerator helps conserve water and reduces energy cost by reducing water flow. Less water usage means less heat energy.

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Keep Dirt and Toxins Out

Add a mat to the front and back door entrance of your house. This simple trick can cut down the amount of pesticide residue that gets into your house by 25%.

These 5 tips were referenced from the following article:

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