Novo-Solar-Systems-Langley-BC-installation-March-2015-10 March 20th, 2015

We just completed an installation of a 8kW solar panel system for a homeowner in Langley, BC. Our professional team arrived on site ready to take advantage of the spring-like weather to install 32 photovoltaic solar panels.

Using the southern exposure, we installed the “Fast Rack” (Watch the Video here), which secures the solar panels on the roof and creates a very stable platform and ensures your solar panels stay on your roof no matter what the weather. Then we carefully brought the panels up to the roof and then attached them to the Fast Rack.

BC Hydro’s Net Metering Program

This Solar Panel System has everything needed to participate BC Hydro’s Net Metering program in British Columbia.

The powerful rooftop solar system delivers rated power for decades. Our solar panels feature the toughest 25 year warranty in the industry and their high efficiency silicon solar cells maximize the output per area.

Did you know that we can also provide realtime energy usage and solar power output data for your system right to your mobile device and computer? Contact Mark at Novo Solar Systems to see what Grid-Tie Solar System is right for you home.