airomatic-tension-skylight-shading-novo-solar-solutions November 18th, 2016

The Airomatic Tension Skylight Shading System is an electronically controlled solar shading product that Novo Solar Solutions installs on skylights, glass roofs and conservatories.

This awning system works well in small to medium glass areas and is self supported. Made from high quality aluminum it is light and durable.

The electrically controlled motor has an automatic stop drive and can also include a remote control, sun, wind, rain and temperature sensor.

Sun and weather protection for your home

We recently installed this Airomatic Tension Skylight Shading System in Vancouver, BC.

Watch the video below to see how smoothly the electric motor rolls the system back.

About Stobag Airomatic

Since 1964 Stobag has designed and engineered innovative shading solutions so you can stay cool in the shade. This Swiss manufacturer blends quality, technology and design to provide you with top of line shading products.