Avoid BC Hydro Rate Hikes with Solar Power March 14th, 2016

BC Hydro rates in the next 5 years will have increased 28% since 2013 and a total of 45% more in the next ten years.

Hydro rates will continue to increase year after for at least the next 20 years.

The average customer will pay $324 more per year for their power in the next 5 years.

Novo Solar Solutions customers will not be subjected to these rate increases and will also pay off their solar investment quicker as these rates go up year after year.

Speak to Novo Solar Solutions about installing a photovoltaic panel system at your home or business. This is an investment that will not only benefit your pocketbook but also the environment.

Benefits of Solar Panels Solutions:

  • Solar fixes the energy costs and avoids utility rate increases.
  • A solar panel system that is connected to the BC Hydro grid works out to 10 cents per kWh over 20 years.
  • Solar energy is the cleanest and lowest maintenance source of electricity that we know of today.
  • Highly reliable while providing electricity for 30 to 40 years.
  • Net Metering Program” that offers to purchase the excess power from your system, creating an income stream. (Click here to learn more about Net Metering)
  • Charge your electric car with the power of the sun.

Interested in learning more about Solar Power? Contact Mark Tizya from Novo Solar Solutions. He can reached at energy@novosolar.com or 1-604-813-8997.

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