BC Hydro Net Metering Program

BC Hydro’s net metering program allows you to install a solar energy system on your home or business so that you can generate your own electricity. Not only that but they also allow you to connect that system to the power grid and they will PAY you $0.10 per kWh for any power that you feed back into the grid.

What does this mean for you?

Once your system is installed and connected to the grid, your home or business will use the clean solar energy that you generate first and any extra power will run through your meter to BC Hydro’s grid and they will credit your account. In the months of December, January and February your system will not produce as much power and you will need to draw power from BC Hydro just like you do now. BC Hydro will take the amount of power you use out of the credit that is built up in the sunnier months and if you use all of that up, they will bill you like they normally do. If you have credit left over on the anniversary date of your install, they will pay that balance to you.

What do I need to have installed to be part of this?

You will need to:

  • Be a residential or small commercial customer
  • Be hooked up to BC Hydro grid
  • Have a smart meter installed
  • Have a solar system or another type of clean or renewable energy system installed

This program is an excellent way to speed up your pay back schedule for your investment in solar.

Who are Net Metering Participants?

So how many people are actually taking advantage of the program and what type of clean, renewable energy is generating their power?

As of November 2014 there were 371 Net Metering customers signed up for the program. Breaking that number down further to installed capacity we see that Solar is by far the number one.*

  • 345 Solar PV
  • 12 Micro Hydro
  • 9 Wind
  • 4 Wind and Solar PV
  • 1 Biogas

So Solar PV is number one. With 80% of net metering customer using Solar Power to generate electricity.

What has the growth of this technology and the capacity been like over the last ten years? The graph below shows steady increases year after year.


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