Shading Installations

Airomatic Tension Skylight Shading

The Airomatic Tension Skylight Shading System is an electronically controlled solar shading product that Novo Solar Solutions installs on skylights, glass roofs and conservatories. This awning system works well in small to medium glass areas and is self supported. Made from high quality aluminum it is light and durable. The electrically …

Sunshades in Squamish

Novo Solar Solutions is not only a solar panel installation company. We provide solar shade solutions with a number of products. We believe that having a mix of energy solutions like solar power and energy saving products like exterior sunshades creates a truly liveable home for the 21st century.

Sunshade Installation in Kelowna

Novo Solar Solutions recently completed an installation of an automated exterior sunshade system for the new Cactus Club outdoor patio in Kelowna, BC. Our crew was staying in Kelowna to get the job done over a 2 week period. Installation of the motorized sunshade systems allows for a more comfortable …

West Vancouver Installation of Retractable Awnings

One of our favourite installations over the last few years was a beautiful ocean front home in West Vancouver, BC. The Novo team was brought in to professionally install three retractable awnings and also add a remote control system so that the owners could easily open and close the fabric …

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