Economic Benefits

BC Hydro’s rates are 8.3 cents for the first 1350 kWh’s per month and 12.4 cents for usage that is higher than that and these rates will be rising by 45% over the  next 10 years. A solar energy system that is connected to the BC hydro Grid works out to 10 cents per kWh over 20 years.

A 4 kw solar system (16 panels) will keep your billable power usage below 1350 kWh’s and save you money every month. A 10 kw system (40 Panels) will provide approximately half the power a household uses in the winter and it will produce excess power in the spring, summer and fall. BC Hydro will pay you 10 cents a kWh for all excess power that your system feeds back to the power grid and this will provide the average home with revenue.

Solar electric panels feature a 25 year output warranty and will likely last for 30 years or more. This means the system Novo installs for you today will produce free and reliable electricity for decades. As an investment in your home or cottage your system will enhance its value while delivering clean, quiet energy for you to use. Now that’s a smart investment!

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