Novo-Solar-Neurio-Home-Energy February 24th, 2016

With the introduction of Smart Meters in British Columbia, some BC Hydro customers have been expressing concern that their electrical bill has not been an accurate representation of their actual usage. This is obviously an issue that needs to be addressed by the provincial utility.

At Novo Solar we recommend installing a home energy monitor such as the Neurio as a way to know what to expect before your BC Hydro bill even arrives.

The Neurio provides a smarter way to manage your home energy usage. Some of the benefits to this home energy monitoring system are:

  • Reduce your energy cost
  • Mobile monitoring
  • Bill forecasting
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • View your usage history
  • Compare to other home in your neighbourhood
  • Simple installation

Neurio and Solar Panels

If you already have a solar panel system installed at your home or are thinking about getting one from Novo Solar, the Neurio provides many benefits. You can monitor in real time the consumption and generation through iOS, Andriod and web apps.

Track your savings quickly to see how much money your solar investment is saving you each day. And the stats provide data in a simple to digest format.

How does the Neurio work?

Once the Neurio Sensor is installed in your electrical panel, it will start sending the info to your smartphone or computer. Now you can see how much your home’s consuming and generating in real-time. Installation takes about 20 minutes

The Neurio comes in two models. The Home Energy Monitor and the Intelligent Home Monitor.

Click here to check out their website for more information and pricing.

Give Mark at Novo Solar a call or email to discuss this home energy monitoring tool and our other solar products.