electric-car-charger-Novo-Solar-Systems March 10th, 2015

When it comes to electric cars, the biggest hurdle up until the last few years or so was how would electric vehicle (EV) owners charge their EV’s when at home or on the road.

But in the past two years, there have been substantial efforts by municipalities, cities and towns to provide charging stations in parking lots, on-street parking and in specified locations.

A great example of these are the Tesla Super Charger stations (See Map of North American Locations here). In British Columbia, there are 4 locations with a total of 20 charging stations in Hope, Kamloops, Revelstoke and Squamish. Charging your car at one of these locations takes only 20 minutes to achieve a full charge! Now that is fast.


Home Electric Car Charging Stations

But the best way to charge your electric car is at home at night. Most electric vehicles do not come with a charging system included in the price. For example, when purchasing a Nissan Leaf, the charging station is an extra $2000 for the assessment and installation plus the cost of the charger. Once this installed, you are now ready to fill your car up every night while your house sleeps.

When you get home, all you need to do is plug in your vehicle into the 240 watt system and within 4-6 hours, you will have a full charge. Most electric cars now have ranges of 150km to 500km.

Now obviously you will be saving money on fuel, and with gas prices continually rising, electric cars make more sense everyday. But you will now be moving that cost over to your BC Hydro bill. But what if you could use the power of the sun to charge your car! Now that is something worth investing in.

Solar Panels for Electric Car Chargers

At Novo Solar, we sell and install solar panel systems that can harness the power of solar to fill your car up every night. With our 2.5 kW or larger Grid Tie Systems, you can now off load the cost of roughly 12,500km of driving to the sun. Investing in a solar panel (also called photovoltaic system) for your electric vehicle is a smart choice.

Contact Mark at Novo Solar Systems to speak more about the options available to you as an electric vehicle owner.