Novo-Solar-Systems-LED-Incandescent-comparision-in-home April 15th, 2015

Novo Solar Systems is not just about Solar. We like to our help clients reduce household electricity consumption by looking at their home as a complete system. As we wrote about in our March 7, 2015 blog post titled “Your Home is a System”, there are many ways to reduce your BC Hydro bill by tackling free or relatively inexpensive upgrades.

To see the value of passive energy saving practices, you must first understand that your home is a system.  The pieces of your home are interconnected, from heating and cooling to the building envelope, the windows, and lighting. Working with these interconnections is key to making the right changes in the best order to truly maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

LED Lights Reduce Electricity Usage by up to 83%

We recently removed all the incandescent bulbs in a client’s house and replaced them with LED’s. In total we removed 2920 watts and replaced it with 289.6 watts. That’s a difference of 2630.4 watts and will result in a monthly savings of about $70. The total cost of the bulbs is $750 and at today’s BC hydro rates it will take just over 11 months to break even.

In the photos above you can see the pot light on the left is a standard 60 watt incandescent BR30 flood lamp that produces 540 lumens. The pot light on the Right is a 10 watt LED BR30 flood and it produces 650 Lumens.

To recap, the LED bulb uses 83% less power and produces 17% more light. It also has a much longer life span.

We Install LED Lights in any Home

We often get asked if you have to be a solar panel client to hire us to replace your inefficient lightbulbs. The answer is no. We work with anyone who would like to reduce their power consumption.

Update: March 8, 2016

We have been receiving detailed questions about the math on this post so we wanted to provide a bit more detail on this home’s setup and how they could save that amount.

The home that we did this has electric heat, hot water along with everything else so they are always in the step 2 billing. Therefore the savings is at a rate of 12.89 cents per kWh which means that it would only take 543 kWhs to make up $70. If we figure that every light in the house would be on for about 6.89 hours per day, which seems like a lot but this household has 3 teens and a busy lifestyle. When Novo Solar arrived to change the bulbs, we had to go around and turn them all off at 11am so that they would cool off before we touched them. There are a number of lights that they leave on 24 hours a day and most of the rest or on for at least 4 hours a day. We used an average to arrive at our figures. ~ Mark Tiyza – Owner of Novo Solar