Meet Our Novo Solar Staff

Novo Solar Solutions Staff are a growing family of solar PV specialists, engineers, shades and awning experts and electricians. Under the guidance of our ‘Chief’ we work together to solve any solar problem thrown at us. At the heart of our business is innovation and problem solving.

Our Team

Diego Restrepo – Photo 1 edited

J. Diego Echeverry Restrepo – Installation Technician

With an Electrical Engineering degree, consulting experience within research and development in Brazil’s utility industry and the ability to speak 3 different languages, you can see why Diego is extraordinary! He also enjoys riding bicycles, hiking and watching soccer; especially games featuring his home team Athletic National from Columbia.



Mark Tizya – CEO & Business Owner

(778) 892-8766

Mark began his construction career in the glass trade in 1986.  Once provincial certification was obtained, Mark moved into purchasing and eventually management.  As Mark’s career progressed he was offered a position as general manager of Talius and moved to Vancouver in 1997.  After growing that business, Mark chose to start Heritage Shade & Shutter Inc in 2003.  The company grew quickly, and he sought out Cal and eventually Keith to oversee operations and installations, so he could focus on developing the business.  By 2013 Heritage Shade & Shutter grew to be a self-sufficient business with a competent management team resulting in a loyal client base.

With climate change becoming a more urgent issue, Mark began studying solar energy and looking at opportunities within renewable energy.  In late 2014, Mark opened Novo Solar Systems as a separate business resulting in shared labour and resources between Heritage Shade & Shutter Inc. and Novo Solar Systems Inc.  After 2 years both companies were flourishing, and a new business plan evolved.  The two companies were amalgamated under the name Novo Solar Solutions Inc. and it worked out to be an effective way to make both companies more efficient and stable.  Mark divides his time between the mainland and Vancouver Island and he encourages you to say “Hello” if you see him on the ferry.



Mike Shaw – Sales Associate: Shade & Shutter Department

(604) 836-8766

Born and educated in England, Mike later moved as an adult to South Africa.  A new start in the new millennium brought Mike and his family to B.C. in 1999.  He has always been a people person and involved in sales most of his professional life.  He’s worked within the travel industry, as well as promoting export for developing nations in Eastern Europe, South America and the East; safe to say Mike has traveled extensively.  Mark and Mike joined professional forces in 2001 while both working for another business.  When Mark decided to open his own business, Mike came along for the journey.  Mike enjoys taking his bicycle for a spin along the Sea to Sky highway; if you can keep up, you might catch him out on a sunny weekend.  An avid Manchester supporter with over 100 standard marathons clocked, Mike really goes the distance for our clients.



Jessica Stevenson – Office Administrator

(604) 813-8997

Jessica is passionate about the sustainability of our natural resources and the costs associated to our communities and environment.  This passion, motivated her to enroll and complete a Bachelor of Environmental Science at the University of Guelph, majoring in Earth and Atmospheric Science.  Jessica is also an avid gardener and bee keeper, which must be why she has such a sweet disposition.  “I am excited to be part of the team here at Novo Solar that focuses on tangible, long-term solutions putting an energy resource and purchasing power back into the hands of our local communities with minimal environmental cost.  My ambition is to reflect these guiding principles in our daily business operations and best practices”.


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