Join Us for our Grand Opening! September 2nd, 2015

Mankind is poised for a breakthrough in energy that will parallel the rise of computer technology and the revolution in global communications, in terms of its impact. In September, residents of Metro-Vancouver can get a glimpse of this brave new world of energy at the ‘New Energy Paradigm Party’ at 2141 Burrard Street in Vancouver. That location is the home of Led Bright’s Warehouse Showroom; as well as the new Vancouver location of Novo Solar; and Britmar, the importers of  battery storage technologies. The event is planned for September 10th from 3 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Located just across the street from the 5th Avenue Cinema, this Burrard Street location brings together the three technologies that will bring sweeping change to our energy future.

They include:

  • High-efficiency LED Bright bulbs that save 90 percent of energy;
  • Novo Solar, which specializes in home and business solar panel applications;
  • Home battery-storage sector, which can store all this ‘free energy’ for future use.

The fourth technology that will sweep the globe is electric vehicle, putting an end one day to the internal combustion engine that has contributed so mightily to the dramatic increase in CO2 in our atmosphere and the warming of our climate.

The Energy Future Party will feature special demonstrations:

Schedule of Events

3 pm Test Drive an electric vehicle, courtesy of BMW

4:30 pm The latest innovation in battery energy-storage technology with Tony Crane of Bitmar

5:30 pm Solar Panel Strategies and Installations with Mark Tizya of Novo Solar

6:30 pm Dramatic Changes in LED Lighting with David Clark-Wilson of HighNet Energy

7:30 pm ‘The Great Climate Race’ with Ben West of the Great Climate Race Organization

It is hoped that this event will help us all understand that we can generate the energy we need and cut greenhouses gases if we all listen and remember Led Bright Message: “Let’s Save the Planet Together”.

For further information on this event visit us on the web at: or OR call us directly at 604-336-3550. We look forward to sharing this exciting new energy paradigm with everyone.

Download an invite as a PDF