novo-solar-solutions-drayton-solar-panel-installation-vancouver-2 October 17th, 2016

Solar panel installations on low angled roofs may be considered a simpler installation site but they can present a number of design and installation challenges: valleys and ridges for drainage, the drains themselves, vents, exhaust fans, rooftop units. All of these must be taken into account during the design process.

There are 2 options for mounting the solar panels on a flat roof.

Solar Panel Rack System on Curbs

We install 4 x4 stringers to the roof and have a roofing company cover them with Torch on roofing and then we lag bolt an angled aluminum frame to the new curbs.


Once that is installed Novo Solar uses the FastRack system to attach the solar panels to the framework.You can attach the solar panels to the roof. This type of system relies on penetrations in the roof surface and connections to the framing. For this type of attachment, Novo Solar uses the FastRack system. The advantages of attached racking systems include the ability to engineer specific requirements for live loads, reduced dead loading to the structure, increased options for panel tilt and the ability to have an panel array that is level regardless of roof drainage features.

The other option is a ballasted system. What this means is that the panel system is weighted down to the roof instead of fastened.

Ballasted Solar Panel System

The biggest advantage of a ballasted system is the lack of roof penetrations. Ballast mounts rely solely on the weight of the array, racking system and additional material, like concrete pavers, to hold the array to the roof.  Ballasted systems need to be carefully analyzed due to the increased roof loading imposed by the array. Also, many ballasted systems will be limited to a pitch of 20° or less to minimize wind uplift forces.

But again the main advantage to ballasted racking systems is the reduction or elimination of roof penetrations.

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