heat-pump August 9th, 2017

There is a program running called the Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program. It is funded by the Ministry of Energy and Mines’ Innovative Clean Energy (ICE) Fund. According to their website, at oiltoheatpump.ca the program is designed to support the B.C. government’s energy, economic, environmental, and greenhouse gas reduction priorities and advance B.C.’s clean energy sector. This program is administered by City Green Solutions.

Moving from Oil Heating to Heat Pump is very important thing for all homeowners to do, as oil is dirty and costly. A typical heat pump upgrade will save you 40 to 70% off of your heating bills each year.

While Novo Solar completely supports making the switch from oil to electric heat, adding Solar Panels would be a great add-on to this project.

Solar Panel Incentive

A $5,000 to $10,000 incentive from the Government of BC to add solar panels to this upgrade would assure that the annual electricity cost for a household actually goes down. Heat pumps are efficient but still cost money to run.

Installing a residential solar panel system has never been more affordable and efficient as now. Pairing our solar panel installations with a heat pump upgrade is a smart and environmental friendly choice.