Novo-Solar-Systems-Light-bulb-on-ceiling March 16th, 2015

In our modern-day world, the night is rarely dark. Lighting “consumes about 19% of the world’s electric power, more than all the nuclear and hydroelectric plants can produce together (which is about 15% in total),” according to Grant Feller of the World Economic Forum. And that percentage is going to continue to rise.

With future power demands, the options to meet those will be to expand current power grids, upgrade their technology or build more renewable energy options. Education is also key to keeping demand in check. Like showing people that

How much electricity does it take to power a 100 watt light bulb for year?

Below is an infographic that shows the energy use of a 100 watt lightbulb, 24 hours a day for one full year, based on energy source powering it.

So how does solar stack up?

  • 714 pounds of coal
  • 143 Natural Gas
  • 8 days on 100 square metres of solar panels

Source: GOOD (magazine) via World Economic Forum (Twitter)

But who uses 100 watt incandescent bulbs these days?

With new Canadian government standards as of January 2014, LED (Light-emitting Diodes) lighting is now one of the recommended bulbs for new home builds and renovations. Even when an old bulb burns out many people are replacing them with LED lighting. So most of us are not using these incandescent bulbs anymore. So the savings come not only in the form of your own home electricity bill, but also less demand on power infrastructure.

How can LED’s help reduce my energy usage in conjunction with solar?

An 8 watt LED is the equivalent of a 100 watt incandescent and that would reduce all of these examples of how much energy is needed by 90%!

So when your home is powered by solar the cost savings for your energy usage can be reduced by 90% when you also make the switch to LED lighting. It would only take about 19 hours of solar energy to power that one lightbulb for one year.

So have you been replacing your old bulbs with LED? Thought about solar but not sure what questions to ask?

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