Novo-Solar-Solutions-Green-Industrial-Revolution May 11th, 2018

BC Hydro’s Application to BC Utilities Commission

You may have read or heard that BC Hydro has submitted an application to the BC Utilities Commission to amend the Net Metering Program. The amendment proposes that home owners applying to the Net Metering Program will only be approved for the program, if their solar PV system on their roof or land generates what the home uses in electricity each year. In other words, solar energy generation must equal home energy consumption. The application has not been approved yet and it is expected to be assessed and decided upon by the end of this year. We’ll be following the developments of BC Hydro’s application to the BC Utilities Commission and keep you posted.

It is important for Novo Solar Solutions to be clear in our communication to our followers and customers. We want you to know that it is incredibly rare for a BC home to have a solar PV system that generates more electricity than the home uses. In fact, only one of the solar PV systems that Novo Solar Solutions has designed and installed, regularly produces a surplus of electricity.  Almost every solar PV system that we design and install generates less electricity than what our clients use throughout one year.

Understand the Key Net Metering Facts:

  • The application to make changes to the Net Metering Program has not been approved yet
  • Home owners whose Net Metering application has been accepted will not be affected
  • Home owners who want to apply for Net Metering this summer will not be affected
  • Home owners who are already a Net Metering customer will not be affected

The simple fact is, few home owners have a large enough roof for a solar PV system to generate more electricity than they use, and our customers still get excellent BC Hydro bill savings. If their solar PV system produces too much electricity in the Spring or Summer, then the customer receives a credit which they use in the Fall or Winter. For any surplus in electricity, BC Hydro pays out the difference at the end of the client’s annual billing cycle. This has not changed and will not change until the BC Utilities Commissions reviews and decides upon BC Hydro’s application to implement any proposed changes. For more information please see our other blog posts on BC Hydro and their Net Metering Program

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