Residential Solar Panels

Residential solar panels are becoming more affordable and reliable. An investment in residential solar power can reduce your reliance on BC Hydro and fixes your energy costs thus avoiding ever increasing utility rates.

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BC Hydro Net Metering Program

Residential solar panel installations are eligible to become part of BC Hydro’s Net Metering Program, which offers to purchase the excess power from your solar panel system, creating an income stream for your residential BC home. This helps homeowners recoup their investment more quickly.

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Why #PutSolarOnIt?

Residential Solar Power is Clean

Solar energy is one of the cleanest and lowest maintenance source of electricity that we know of today. A properly sized and configured residential solar panel installation can be designed to be highly reliable while providing electricity for up to 30 to 40 years.

 Solar Panels and Grid Parity

This clean, renewable technology has reached grid parity in 2015, which means that solar energy can generate power at a cost level that is less than or equal to the price of purchasing electricity from the BC Hydro power grid. Fast forward to today and the cost of installing residential solar panels is below the cost of Step 2 tariff rates.


Solar Panels Increase the Value of Your Home

Installing residential solar panels can also increase the value of your Vancouver and Lower Mainland home. Recent studies have shown that home buyers consistently have been willing to pay more for a property with PV across a variety of jurisdictions, housing and solar energy markets, and home types.

Read our article about how solar panels increase the value of your home.

Payback Time For Residential Solar Panels

When you install solar panels on your home, you are reducing your reliance on BC Hydro and future rate increases. As electricity rates increase, your payback time continues to become shorter. Our BC residential solar panel clients will see a payback time period of 11-15 years. Our solar panel system are designed to produce power for 30-40 years.

Paying off your residential solar panels will continue to drop as prices for the panels continue to drop. Read more about Solar Panel Investment.


Residential Solar Panels in Vancouver

Residential Solar Panels in Vancouver, BC

Grid-Tie Solar Panel Systems

Unlike off grid systems, on grid means that your home is still connected to the BC Hydro grid. The solar panels allow you to reduce your reliance on BC Hydro and the ever increasing electricity rates.

When the sun is shining, your house is running on solar energy. At night your power will come from BC Hydro. But all the unused power you generate with your residential solar panels will be fed back into the grid and you will receive an annual credit at rate predetermined by BC Hydro at the time of the solar panel installation.

HES-GT Grid Tie Solar Panels

Our Grid-Tie Solar Panel System is a powerful rooftop solar panel solution that delivers rated power for decades. Our residential solar panels feature the toughest 25 year warranty in the industry and their high efficiency silicon solar cells maximize the output per area.

Each solar panel installation comes with an inverter for performance and reliability. With the optional data card, you can have online performance monitoring that can be viewed on your home desktop or on the go with a mobile device.

All of our residential solar panel systems are mounted on the Fast-Rack Low Profile mounting system. The rack solution is strong, yet lightweight, and minimizes roof penetrations. All of the rooftop wiring is also included with all of our installations.

We provide everything you need to participate BC Hydro’s Net Metering program in British Columbia.

To learn more about each of our HES-GT Grid Tie Systems visit our Solar Panels page.

Residential Solar Panels with Battery Backup

If you are in an area which consistently loses power, it may make sense to add a battery backup to your Grid Tie residential solar panels so that you abel to continue to have power for a duration of time. This time all depends on which battery backup system you setup.

Is there enough annual sunlight hours for Residential Solar Panels in Vancouver?

Many people are under the impression that BC’s Lower Mainland may not be a great place for solar panel installations due to the climate. This is not the case as Vancouver gets more sunshine hours than most major cities in Germany, which is a world leader in solar panel installations.

Read our article The Arguments Against Solar to learn about how much sun BC’s Lower Mainland receives annually.

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