Solar Installation - Thompson 2018_9 April 23rd, 2018

Solar PV Success in Squamish

On April 12th Novo Solar Solutions completed another successful solar PV system with the latest in microinverter technology. This 4.8 kW system was installed on a home in Squamish BC and includes sixteen 300 Watt panels. Using solar PV simulation programs, we predict that our customer will generate 5,670 kWh of electricity per year. This will save them approximately $750 per year on their BC Hydro bill! It has already generated some community interest as we had a curious neighbour stop by while our team was on site. We are looking forward to great results for our Squamish customer. If this system makes you wonder if you are the ideal solar PV owner, request a free solar PV report for your home and find out.

Solar PV using AP Systems Microinverters

For this specific installation we used APS YC500 microinverters. These are a single-phase, smart-grid compliant inverters that serve two modules. In addition, each module benefits from independent maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology. This means that every single module is optimized which contributes to the overall system producing more electricity than if string inverters were used. The result for our customer is their system converts more of the sun’s energy to electricity.

Solar Installation – Thompson 2018_10

Introducing Diego, Installation Technician with an Electrical Engineering Background

This Squamish solar PV project was Diego’s first residential solar installation. As our most recent hire, Diego has an Electrical Engineering degree, consulting experience within research and development in Brazil’s utility industry and the ability to speak 3 different languages! He worked with Mark Tizya, the Owner of Novo Solar Solutions, to complete an efficient and safe installation.

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