Shading Solutions

Novo Solar Solutions offers range of weather protection and shading solutions products for your home. These shading solutions allow you to live more comfortably, and enjoy both your indoor and your outdoor space.

Retractable awnings and patio covers, shutters, skylight shades and sunshades. Novo Solar has the expertise and products to fit your homes specific needs. We have over 20 years of experience.

Have an area of the home that’s receiving just a bit too much sunlight, making that living area uncomfortable? Or do you have a patio with no cover, forcing you to return indoors whenever it starts to rain? Whatever the weather – Novo has got you covered.

We’re happy to have one of our professional consultants meet with you at your home to discuss your specific needs, and how you can transform your home or businesses indoor and outdoor spaces. Below is an introduction to just some of the great shading solution products Novo Solar has available for you and your home or commercial space.

Automation & Controls

With a touch of a button, you have control over sunlight and shade. Novo Solar Solutions motorized operators will open your system to create an expanded outdoor living area or retract it effortlessly. Available as a switch or remote control.

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Exterior Sunshades

Exterior sunshades can be an economical way to help reduce not only glare in your windows, but also to help shield some of the heat as it hits your home, reducing heat gain up to 88%. At the touch of a button our Solar Screens shelter your home from the sun, ventilate and keep the insects out.

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Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings are not only for your home, but are also great for commercial spaces like patio restaurants. With a click of a button, our retractable awnings will roll out, and give your space shade, providing a cool and comfortable area. Our installers are trained to ensure that the product is installed correctly.

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Roll Shutters

If you’ve ever noticed the temperature in your home swing from really warm in the summer, to chilly in the winter, roll shutters can be a great addition to help maintain your comfort. Not only do roll shutters act as a way to prevent light glare and improve energy efficiency, they can also provide more privacy and security to your home.

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Skylight Shades

Skylight shades are a great feature that still allow for beautiful natural light to pour into your home or businesses rooms and solariums. Our shades compliment your skylights by allowing the shade to control the lighting in these rooms, as well as the heat. At the touch of a button our shades will quietly retract.

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