Novo-Solar-Systems-Solar-Installation-Comox-Valley October 5th, 2015

In December of 2014 Novo Solar Solutions was hired to do a solar installation of one of our Grid-Tie Systems and build a new roof off the south facing deck of a house in the Comox Valley, BC.

We wrote a blog post that showcased the solar installation and new roof. Read that solar installation blog post and view all the pictures here.

Track your electricity use online

BC Hydro provides residential and business customers tools to track electrical consumption online. The electricity use dashboard provides detailed information about your electricity use and billing information. Their online tracking tools allow you to view your detailed electricity use by the month, week, day or even hour – up to the previous day. Having this detailed information at hand helps you understand how your daily habits affect your electricity use (and your bill) and help you look for opportunities to save.

Solar Installation Reduces Hydro Bill

Novo Solar has produced a spreadsheet for this solar installation in the Comox Valley. The spreadsheet shows the difference between the power consumption from last year and this year, January to September.

It shows that the solar installation client has saved an average of $107.44 per month. That would make the annual savings of $1289.28. That project cost $14,300.00 including installation and that makes the pay back time only 11.1 years.

Solar Installation Comox Valley Electrical Consumption

Our client is seeing the environmental rewards as well as the financial rewards of moving to solar. Not only are they saving money, they have also increased their home’s value, according to a recent study by the Berkley Lab. We recently wrote a blog post  about this titled, “Residential solar panels increase home value.”