Solar Lights

Solar lights come in all kinds of sizes and types. There are now solar lights for any application at your home, business, parking lot, walking trail, playground, campground, park, RV, housing entrances and any other place you think of.

What are solar lights?

Solar lights are composed of an energy efficient LED light, a control board and a battery and an arrangement of solar cells.

Our Solar Lights Products

Aurora Solar Lights

Driveway Parking Area Light with Remote Control

Aurora Solar Lights mounted

The Aurora Solar Light features wide light dispersion, easy installation, remote control operation and dusk to dawn lighting.

Benefits of the Aurora Solar Light

  • Remote control operation loaded with options. Lights up to 60′ wide rectangle of light when mounted at 11′.
  • Ships fully assembled, only requiring the mounting bracket to be installed on your post. Easy installation!
  • Mounts easily on any post from 2.5″- 4″ diameter with supplied mounting hardware.
  • NO trenching for electrical cables
  • NO long runs of electrical wires
  • Reliable light even after days with no sun
  • Built with premium quality parts for long reliable operation

The Aurora Premium Driveway Solar Light come with 8 lighting modes for any application.

  • Full brightness all night for 2 nights on a single full charge. Works well for sunny climates or summer operation.(requires minimum of 7 hours per day direct sunshine for this mode)
  • 60% brightness all night for at least 3 nights on a single full charge. Works well for sunny climates or summer operation where there are more cloudy periods(requires minimum of 5 hours per day direct sunshine for this lighting mode).
  • 100% brightness when motion is sensed for 1 minute, then stays 1/3 brightness until motion is again sensed. Up to 5 nights light on a single full charge.(Requires minimum of 4.5 hours per day of sunshine for this lighting mode)
  • 60% brightness when motion is sensed for 1 minute, then stays 20% brightness until motion is again sensed. Up to 9 nights light on a single full charge.
  • Security light operation. Light is off until motion is detected, then full brightness for 1 minute. In this mode, the light will work 10times per night for up to 60 days on a single charge. Great for office and cottage parking areas.
  • LED on/off
  • Economy mode. allows at least 100 hours of operation with NO sunshine. Ideal for winter operation when there may be up to 7 days of continuous bad weather.
  • Timer operation, 4hr, 6hr, 8hr and 10 hour selectable. When you do not need the light, no use wasting battery power.

The Aurora Solar Light knows when its batteries are over discharged and will reduce light output to extend lighting time. If the charge is not sufficient, the light will turn off until the batteries receive some charge the next day. Five (5) minutes before the light will turn off, the RED LED will flash continuously until the light goes off. Ra60 also has a built in battery power indicator.

Installation should take no more than 10 minutes on a post of 2.5″-4″ diameter. Recommended mounting height is 10-11′.  The pool of light is 60′ x 18′ wide at 11′ mounting height.


Driveway Parking Area Aurora Solar Lights Features

  • Solar panel: 27W mono crystal type
  • Battery: new LiFePO4 type with 2000 charge cycles capability
  • LED power: 10W maximum with CREE XT LED
  • Remote control operation
  • Body construction: Aluminum
  • Bracket: Steel with baked on powder coat paint
  • Lighting time: Selectable from 4 hours up to all night, automatic on and off
  • Charge time: 8 hours summer time for full charge from dead battery, 3 hours to recharge the battery for that nigh
  • Aurora on pole weight: 10.5Kg, 23lbs


Aurora Solar Light – Pricing

The Aurora Solar Light is priced at $846.00 for one unit but discounts can be applied for orders of 6 or more. Installation is extra and depends on the location and type of install. However, there is no wiring needed and it only has to be bolted to a post or a wall so most people would have no trouble with installing it themselves.

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