Novo-Solar-Systems-Sorrento-BC-Solar-Panel-Installation-2 November 2nd, 2015

Installing a solar panel system on a roof in BC always provides some fantastic views. And this solar panel installation in Sorrento BC did not disappoint. High above the valley floor in BC’s Columbia-Shuswap Region, overlooking Shuswap Lake, The Novo Solar residential solar panel installation team arrived on a beautiful October fall day.

With all the equipment on hand to install this 8kW solar panel array, which provides an output of 8,000 to 9,600 kW of electricity per year, or approximately 80% of a typical Canadian home’s use, we set to work.

Attaching FastRack System

The first step in installing solar panels is getting up on the roof and attaching the FastRack Rail System. The Fast-Rack Rail System was designed to speed the installation of large scale PV arrays on sloped roofs with a minimum number of roof penetrations. The FastRack is made in Ontario and has stronger rails than other systems. That is why we trust this system to hold the solar panels in place on your roof.

Wiring the Solar Panel System

Next, we wired up the system to the home and BC Hydro connection. Our certified team installed an 8kW Grid-Tie System and hooked it up to the BC Hydro Grid. This is key to get the most out of your new solar panel installation. When you have excess power from your panels that your home is not using, you can feed it back into the grid. And the best part of that is the fact that BC Hydro will pay you for that power. This is called Net Metering. Homeowners that have a solar panel system installed will see credits applied on their future BC Hydro bills. If you are not feeding the power back to the grid, excess power can be stored in a battery system, but that is usually reserved for solar panel installations that are off- grid.

Securing the Solar Panels

Once the wiring is in place, we attach the solar panels to the FastRack Rail System. Then we take the last steps of completing the wiring and getting the system to provide power to the home. This 8kW system was on 2 roofs to account for the number of panels needed to be installed.

Photos of Solar Panel Installation

Here are some photos of the solar panel installation.