Novo-Solar-Systems-Saturna-BC-Photovoltaic-Panel-Installation-5 June 10th, 2015

Novo Solar Systems has been working on a Solar Panel Installation on Saturna Island, British Columbia, which is located in the Southern Gulf Islands. This 11kW system is now completed and the customer is already seeing fantastic results and payback.

We finished the photovoltaic panel installation on May 4th, 2015. Over a month later the solar system has generated 2100kW’s (2.1mWh’s) and their power meter shows that they have fed 1851 kWh’s to BC Hydro. That means our solar panel customer won’t have a power bill this month and BC Hydro will pay them $185.00 because they are now a Net Metering participant.

The Gulf Island are a perfect location for Solar Power as the climate is Mediterranean with many days of sunshine throughout the year. BC in general is a great place to install solar at your property or home with an average of 289 days of sunshine per year.