Tiny Home (2018 Yardley after) August 31st, 2018

Earlier this month, Novo Solar Solutions completed a solar panel installation to power a tiny home. As pictured above, this solar grid-tie system was installed onto the south-facing roof of a tiny house belonging to one of our returning clients. If you ever find yourself wanting to visit the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, whether it’s to take in the natural beauty of the area or to enjoy an ecological retreat away from the city, this tiny home is available to book on Airbnb. It is a short walk to the farmer’s market, close to forest and river walks with your own private swimming area. If interested, please reach out for availability here. In the meanwhile, continue reading for more information on the specifications of this solar PV system.

System performance includes:

  • Seventeen, 260-watt solar panels connected to the BC Hydro power grid through a SolarEdge© 3.8kW inverter.
  • The system is installed on a 32’ Tiny home and will generate 4200 kWhs of electricity per year.

With a wave of interest in tiny homes, one clear benefit is the smaller energy needs of such a tiny space. Smaller spaces require less energy to heat and cool and electrical bills can be a quarter or less of a traditional house’s bill, depending on the energy consumption.  Stay tuned for an update on how energy production compares to energy consumption once the solar panel installation to power this tiny home goes live and starts tracking energy stats.

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