December 1st, 2015

The SunPump Solar Hot Water Heating System is a new product that Novo Solar Systems is now an authorized dealer and installer for the Surrey, BC based company.

Novo Solar recently installed a SunPump in Vancouver. The system was designed with 4 panels and was completed in a day.

Solar Heat Pump Replaces Hot Water Heater

There is a new hybrid of renewable energy plus energy efficiency that is changing the way people choose clean energy. SunPump is the first Solar Heat Pump to completely replace a Boiler and Hot Water Heater. Welcome to Generation-4 Solar water heating systems, hybrids that produce on demand day or night.

SunPump is the first solar heating system to combine the many benefits of renewable energy, without the current limitations of high cost and intermittent performance. By using proven solar plus heat pump technologies, this hybrid achieves much more than solar or heat pumps do on their own. The combination achieves highly effective solar production on demand, day and night, because the system can operate like an Air Source Heat Pump after the sun goes down.

The key breakthrough comes from using a common Eco-friendly refrigerant, R410a, as the heat transfer fluid. Compared to water that boils at 100 C., R410a boils at -50 C., lowering the temperature our Photon panels can exchange with the wind, rain, snow or surrounding air. This means energy transfer on demand even at sub zero temperatures and in darkness. Solar energy at night is here now.

Learn more about the SunPump

To learn more about the SunPump watch the video below and visit our SunPump product page.

Contact Mark Tizya at Novo Solar to speak more about the SunPump and Solar Panel Systems