Novo-Solar-Systems-Solar-PV-Growth-in-BC April 13th, 2015

In our blog post titled “What is Net Metering“, we discussed the benefits of BC Hydro’s program, as well as what you need to participate in the program.

But how many people are actually taking advantage of the program and what type of clean, renewable energy is generating their power?

BC Hydro Net Metering in Numbers

As of November 2014 there were 371 Net Metering customers signed up for the program. Breaking that number down further to installed capacity we see that Solar is by far the number one.*

  • 345 Solar PV
  • 12 Micro Hydro
  • 9 Wind
  • 4 Wind and Solar PV
  • 1 Biogas

So Solar PV is number one. With 80% of net metering customer using Solar Power to generate electricity.

What has the growth of this technology and the capacity been like over the last ten years? The graph above shows steady increases year after year.

So with the net metering program, not only are you able to power your home and cover the cost of your annual electricity bill, you can generate more electricity than you need and sell it back to the grid. Then BC Hydro sends you a credit at the end of the year. Get your house working for you instead of the other way around.

Contact Mark at Novo Solar Systems to speak more about the Net Metering program and how you get solar installed at your home.

*Source – BC Hydro Net Metering Program – November 2014 – View this document